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Quality #1: Caring

Joyful Homecare’s number one criteria for selecting team members is a genuine desire and devotion to helping others. We believe that caring for others is a calling and not a job. You will not enjoy your work or feel fulfilled if you do not take genuine joy from providing care to your patient.  

Quality #2: Reliability and Competence

Reliability is an extremely important requirement  of care staff. There are often potentially very serious consequences when care staff do not meet their commitments to be punctual, to have perfect attendance and to be dependable in performing their duties. It is  important to perform your duties consistently well by paying full attention at all times to what you are doing.

Quality #3: Teamwork and Communication

Caring for patients with physical or cognitive frailty means being part of a team that will usually include other care givers, your supervisor, family members, staff working for other companies or a facility providing for different needs. It is important that a caregiver be  willing and able to work collaboratively with others: to communicate well, to be respectful, tolerant, discrete, objective and positive at all times. 

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Position #1

Certified Personal Support Worker (PSW).


Position #2

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)


Position #3


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